28 June 2012

In a Local State of Mind

Happy belated Bike to Work Day! Did anyone bike to work yesterday? Yeah, I didn't either. Then again, I didn't really go to work yesterday. I did feel a tinge of guilt when I didn't bike with Benny to school. To be fair, the heat here is nearly unbearable in the afternoon, so I didn't want to be stuck riding to get Benny in 100 degree weather. Lila and I did walk to pick Benny up, however, since a storm moved in and cooled the temperature down. We even had to use a sheet last night to cover up! Brrrr.

So, I this afternoon I pretended that today was yesterday and I could bike to my heart's content (it's only 90 degrees today!). Lila, Benny and I rode to school. I had some errands to run this afternoon. Lo and behold, they were all to businesses in the neighborhood. I rode to the bike store for a bike lock and helmet. I only walked out with a bike lock, but it's a start (now Benny and I won't have to share). I rode to the new outdoor store to find a messenger bag. I walked out empty handed (not too much selection at the neighborhood outdoor store - go figure). And then I rode to the bank to deposit a check.

It occurred to me (again) that Nate and I were very smart when we chose where to buy a house. Not only are we in a good school district, but we are close to so many fun and cool things in addition to many businesses that we need day-to-day, like the bank, the dry cleaner, the grocery store, etc. Many of these businesses are walkable and all of them are bikeable. It makes me love my neighborhood more and more every day.

Oh, and I left my bike and the trailer out in the backyard today. The clouds are looking ominous and I'm hoping that, by leaving the bike and trailer out, the weather gods will unleash some much needed rain in this area. Not only is the temperature too hot to handle, but these wildfires are scary!

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