04 June 2012

Class of '96

My mom brought me a box from high school this weekend. Whoa. So many memories. There were corsages from dances, party favors from proms, a Bible from my confirmation and various other items that 18-year-old Sara felt important to save. I ended up donating most of the glassware from prom to Goodwill and I threw away my corsages, but they did take me back.

The box of memories also reminded me about how I finally embraced being a speech nerd my junior and senior years and was never happier. The medals are for state championships in one act plays, duet acting and entertainment speeches.

Senior Prom 1996 - I'm the girl sitting in the front on the left.

I went to prom with Adam Gengenbach, my high school boyfriend. He was late to pick me up because he was at a rodeo competing in steer riding. I dated a cowboy!

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Mom said...

So glad you could stroll down memory lane!! (Adam was a nice cowboy.)