24 June 2012

Heat Wave

Fair warning: I'm going to be complaining about the heat for the next 60 days or so - or until we get a break from it. It's been in the 90s for the past few weeks. And it's not going to get any better.

I ran the Slacker Half Marathon near Georgetown this weekend. Even in the mountains, the heat was nearly unbearable. Couple that with running 13.1 miles, and it didn't make for a spectacular race. I did manage to run it in 2 hours 50 seconds, which isn't too bad. I was hoping for -2 hours. What with the heat and having to walk the first half mile, I'm pretty happy with my time. Plus, I wasn't training for time, so I didn't do any timed runs. The highlight of the entire race? Seeing the kids and Nate at mile 12.5, cheering me on with big smiles of their faces and giving me high fives. Benny yelled after me "Mom, are you tired?" Yes, Benny. I was very tired :).

After the race and post-race festivities (Benny and Lila eating my post-race goodies), we headed to the mountains by Winter Park and set up camp. It was hot there too. And sunny. With no shade in the camp ground. We tried, and failed, to give the kids a nap in our tent. The fire ban prevented us from grilling brats and corn on the cob. Instead, we opted for burgers in town. The kids were amazing - and all sorts of tired. We caught a band across the street from the restaurant for a few songs. Back at the campground, we wrestled Lila to bed (literally having to hold the wild child down to get her to slow down). Benny, on the other hand, is a camping pro. He crawled into the tent and passed out in his "cocoon." Nate and I enjoyed a beer and each other for an hour before we both fell asleep.

All the complaints about the heat aside, we had a fantastic time. The kids had their moments, but they were consistently fun. Great campers. And we beat the heat in our house for 24 hours or so.

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