07 December 2012

December Day-By-Day, Week 1

Turns out taking a picture a day is a really good way to remember small moments.

I missed the first day of the December Photo-A-Day Challenge...

Day 2. Some days peace is little more than a clean house and sleeping children.
Day 3. Benny and I walked to school for the first time. He held my hand the entire way.
Day 4. Black and white and read all over. Currently, I'm reading The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.
Day 5. The day started out cloudy and gloomy. Lila and I went outside for a walk and saw the clouds making way for a brilliant blue sky.

Day 6. This one was tricky. I keep meaning to take this sticker off my fridge - but I'm just too proud of it.
Day 7. I meant to wait until the evening to catch some stars in the sky. I didn't have to - there were on Lila's feet.

1 comment:

Ann Wyse said...

Huh. interesting about the photo a day keeping you aware of little things. I like it.

I always find Margaret Atwood interesting. I hope you'll do a review!