21 December 2012

December Day-By-Day, Week 3

Day 15: Outside - I was still running outside on December 15!
Day 16: Something I made - My mom and I made plum jam this summer with the goal of giving it away to the kids' teachers at Christmas.
Day 17: On the Floor - I once saw this thought about cleaning with kids, "Cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos." Enough said.
Day 18: Something That Makes Me Merry - I love this time of year: When not every piece of mail is junk or a bill.

Day 19: Starts with 'S' - On Day 19, we finally got some snow!

Day 20: Outside - The day after the snow storm, the temps were back into the high 40s. Perfect running weather!
Day 21: Tree - Benny made me a Christmas card. Love his tree (and smile)!

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