04 December 2012

Three-Shirt Day

Blast from the past! I decided to review my old draft posts and found this one from about three years ago - when Benny was having trouble sleeping (roughly May 2009). I vaguely remember this period - it was tough. But, it's a good reminder that these tough phases don't last forever. They're a blip on the map of life.

It's a three-shirt day at our house. Benny is currently drinking the milk he poured into a bowl of Goldfish. Drinking might be too generous. He's mostly spilling it into his mouth, which means that he's also spilling it onto his shirt and the floor. But, at least he's happy. He's in his second shirt of the day. The first shirt was covered with yogurt and blueberry juice.

Three-shirt days are normally OK. However, Benny has decided to stop sleeping, so this three-shirt day is more exhausting and frustrating than most. As I reported a few days ago, Benny had returned to his normal sleep patterns. About four days ago, he derailed - BIG TIME! He didn't take a nap for three days. He took a nap today because he fell asleep in the car and I carried in to my bed. He slept for an hour, which is better than nothing. He has also taken to crying/talking for two hours before falling asleep at night. This means that he's only getting about 10 hours of sleep a day. That's not enough. That's not nearly enough.

Last night he did cry for about two seconds and then talked for about 45 minutes. He was asleep before 9 for the first time in four days.

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Heidi said...

If only these phases were not forever fro everyone - I was up much of the night with my 3-year old, who wakes up and shares his ill-temperedness with all who can't help but listen.