11 May 2008

Call Your Mom

Happy Mother's Day! It's my first and it's been fantastic. Nate watched Benny last night so I could go out with a friend for mojitos - yummy. Today we went and picked up some house plants at a fantastic garden store called City Floral. If you live in Denver and want a great hole in the wall garden spot, this is it! Then we drove downtown to a little vegetarian pizza place and had a fantastic lunch (with even better Americanos). I was a little bummed yesterday because I didn't think Nate was going to acknowledge the day, but he did. He may get a bad rap every now and then, but he's a pretty fabulous guy.

Now I'm at the library. You could point out that I'm not working, but I will be. Soon. I worked quite a bit yesterday. It seems I've found a streak of motivation and I'm going to ride it until it dies. Hopefully that won't be for awhile. Unless I kill it, which is a strong possibility.

Don't forget to call your mom. I bet she's pretty special!

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