21 May 2008

Stuff from All Over


Good news, faithful reader... The data-gathering phase of the dissertation process is nearing completion. I only have about two more years to scan in Time magazine and then I'll scan The Nation and National Review, which won't be nearly as time consuming because they are monthly, not weekly, publications. So far I have a stack of copies sitting on my kitchen table. At least that's something!


My little bear is now standing by himself for minutes, not seconds, at a time. He takes little baby steps once in awhile. They are more like baby shuffles, but he's getting there. Last night Nate put Benny down at 7:30. He still wasn't asleep at 8:30, so I went in his room to check on him. I was greeted simultaneously by an enormous smile and the stench of a diaper full of poo. I can't say that Benny was excited to see me. He was probably just excited to see me because it meant that he wouldn't have to sit in his dirty diaper any more. It's gotta be rough being a 10 month old!

Once the diaper-changing duties were completed, I carried Benny to the living room to say goodnight to his papa. He smiled, and smiled, and smiled. So, we had him hang out with us. And he was a treat! He held on to my hand and walked circles around me for at least 10 minutes while screeching with pleasure. Then I put him in bed and he passed out less than five minutes in his crib.


Because I stopped breastfeeding so early and still feel guilty about it I'm trying to make sure that Benny only gets the best possible solid food. I make most everything he eats. And, after sampling stuff from the jar and the stuff I make, I have to admit, my stuff is far superior. It tastes fresh and yummy. Nate and I were discussing our favorite Benny meals. My all-time favorite is asparagus and carrots with a bit of whole grain cereal mixed in. It's so delightful that I save a spoonful for the end of the meal so I can taste it. Nate combined mango and avocado last night and raved about the meddling of flavors.

It's no wonder Benny is so chubby!!!

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