04 May 2008

Super Sunday

Lazy Sunday mornings and afternoons are like a gift. Often I wile them away with naps and reading the newspaper and by the evening I'm so pissed off that I haven't done anything productive that lazy Sundays seem more like a curse than a gift.

I drafted a calendar of tasks that I must complete every week until my dissertation is finished. Guess how many tasks I've completed this week? Go ahead, give me the benefit of the doubt. DO NOT GIVE ME THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. I have completed zero, none, nada on that calendar. In my own defense, I have been reading journal articles and taking notes for the literature review, but when it comes to gathering data, I'm way behind. This process is overwhelming. I will probably continue to bitch about my procrastination techniques until I graduate - if that ever happens.

Socially, though, life is pretty rocking. Nate and I made some new friends last night. We invited our neighbors over for some wine and ended up talking until nearly midnight. Good times. See, if drinking were an important part of writing, I'd be finished with this dissertation in no time. Must see how I can incorporate libations into this process and avoid drunkenness and hangovers. That's definitely on my calendar of things to do for this week!

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