19 April 2011

Eating Adventures

My beautiful baby girl has graduated from her Bumbo chair to her high chair. And she couldn't be happier. She can bang on her tray and hang out while I cook, telling me stories from her day (which mostly go like this, "Da da da daaaaaa!"). She will eat just about anything we give her, including aspargus. She loves avocado and applesauce and sweet potatoes and carrots. She's not a huge fan of yogurt, but will tolerate it with a few bananas mixed in.

I had planned to breastfeed Lila until she was six months and then start tapering off. I cut out one pumping at work and started feeding her one bottle of formula during my time home with her. We made it to nearly seven months before she decided that she was totally over breastfeeding. Although I made it to my goal of six months, by the time I got there I decided that I could keep going for another few months. Now that Lila has decided that she is finished with the breast, I can't help but be a little disappointed. I have a feeling we'll continue our early morning feeding for awhile, but other than that, it's over.

I suppose I should be happy that Lila is moving on. There are some significant pros to being finished with breastfeeding, like 1) not having to pump at work any more, 2) not having to clean pumping equipment any more, 3) using my lunch break to go for a walk or run instead of spending my time pumping, 4) not having to go through a painful weening process, 5) not having to worry about pumping and dumping any more. But there are some surprising (and not so surprising) cons to the end of the breast, like 1) snuggling with Lila, 2) more bottles to wash, 3) paying for formula - yeeowza!

But with that face, I can't be too upset about anything at this point!
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