12 April 2011

Lila: Six Months

I can't believe that Lila is now six months old - a whole half of a year! She is such an amazing baby with a great disposition. The girl almost never cries and is happiest when she is part of the action. At six months she can sit without support, babble, lift herself up with her arms, eat about 10 different foods and generally be adorable.

Benny, while still relatively ambivalent about his sister, is warming up to her. The other day she was crying. I had asked Benny to put his shoes on, but found him in his room. Instead of putting his shoes on, he was playing his drum for her because it made her stop crying. If she drops a toy, he will pick it up and give it to her. Lila, on the other hand, thinks Benny is about the coolest thing ever. She loves watching him!


Debbie said...

Benny and Lila look like twins!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet her and see Benny again! Oh, and you and Nate too.