18 October 2011

All the Right Signs

Lila is signing! We almost gave up on the signs, and then she did it! She started with a strange rendition of milk (squeezing the air like you're squeezing a cow's udder - I'm not kidding). Yesterday, she was sitting in her booster, watching Benny and his friend Toby play. She started waving her hands and screaming "aaaa doooo!" (All done.) And that's it, she's signing! Just before 13 months.

Benny was the same way. We nearly gave up signing to him, when he started signing back at around 14 months. Signing is such a cool thing to teach babies and toddlers. Lila still does her fair share of sqealing and pointing when she wants something, but now she can start signing! Benny could sign nearly 50 words by the time he was talking consistently.

Oh, and this is completely unrelated, but as soon as I saw these boots, I knew all the signs were right to buy them. I really need to stop buying boots. But these are just so great...

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