15 October 2011

Book Review: Pretty

I have been trying to get more involved in the blog community. I've learned some amazing things and follow some really cool people (I think). I first learned about Jillian Lauren after reading one of her columns in the New York Times "Modern Love" column (Finding a Marriage Without Losing a Self). I have read all of the Modern Love columns, and have never followed up on an author. However, Jillian's story prodded me to. I found her blog and instantly liked her story.

In the year or so that I've been following her blog, she's published two books. One of her posts was a giveaway for a autographed copy of her new book, Pretty. And I won! If this blog stalking isn't worth anything else, it's worth a free copy of a book.

I just finished the book. I didn't realize that it would be another book about addiction (see my Beautiful Boy review). The story is about Bebe after she's hit rock bottom and is about finished with rehab. She followed a musician to California from Toledo, Ohio, did a bunch of drugs, and was with him when he crashed their car and died. It's a good book and a compelling story. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the Bebe character. I didn't really relate much with her pain. It would have been helpful to know about her history with depression and how it impacted her present circumstances.

In terms of a truthful and respectful story about one person's story with mental illness, it's pretty good. One chapter described how badly she wanted a drink and it was painful, but also probably a completely realistic portrayal.

Also it's a fast read, which is appreciated.

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Amanda said...

modern love, sigh. i loved her submission and loved that you followed her writing! i have yet to do that, but what a great idea. miss you mucho lady.