23 October 2011

Visions of Halloween

Thanks for visiting Green Means Go(od) this week! A brief update on homemade costume adventures:

Candy, check. NASA shirt, check. Blue sweatpants, check. Silver spray paint, check. "Moon" boots, check. Papier mache helmet, still under construction (round two)...

After realizing that the first round of papier mache was not going to work, I reluctantly started over. We tried the helmet on Benny's head yesterday and it only hit his nose. It wasn't a very convincing helmet for a space ranger. The second try is looking much better. Once we spray it silver, to match the jet pack on his back, I think he will pass as an astronaut. So, if you didn't already guess Benny's costume, there you have it.

We have one week to get this costume put together. Luckily the candy is taken care of. So much for buying "sustainable," healthy candy. Benny and I were at Target this weekend and when i saw big bags for sale, I let him pick out what he wanted to use for trick or treaters. It was amazing to see how much candy was for sale. No wonder Americans consume so much sugar every year!
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