05 October 2011

I'm a Little Slow

"A little" may be an understatement. I'm a little slow when it comes to music and pop culture. I'm a lot slow when it comes to technology (in fact, I'm a downright ludite). I'm slow with new trends in decorating and fashion and anything that changes any faster than, oh, five years. I could blame it on having two kids, but I've always been this way.

That's not to say that I don't enjoy these things (except technology - if I didn't have to use technology, I probably wouldn't). However, this is the world in which we live. I love music, but I tend to listen to what I listen to to what I listen to to what I listen to (you get the picture). And since Nate and I have similar tastes in music, I generally just listen to what he listens to.

This summer I discovered Adele and Florence + the Machine. (Do you see how I referred to Florence the right way? I do pay attention!) Benny's favorite song this summer was "Rolling in the Deep." It's a fantastic song. A bit overplayed, but just brilliant. The great thing about both of these artists is that their sounds are SO interesting. Their albums are amazing. They have a few popular songs, but the entire album is superb.

This summer I was introduced to "Home" by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes. It's a super catchy song and now I have some great memories of it. Our friends used it as their "song" at their reception. It was such a great display of their relationship and their personalities and their love. (Shout out to Sarah and Bob!)

Nate and I started listening to the song shortly after the wedding and soon we bought the entire album. Benny and Lila both love the music. Benny told me that it was his favorite band the other day and Lila started dancing to "Home" a few weeks ago. She would hear the song, stand up and bounce. Now I can't stop listening to the entire album. Each song is incredibly diverse and happy and interesting.

P.S. I just realized that I posted the whole ludite diatribe the day Steve Jobs died. That's not lost on me.

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Katy said...

I don't think you're musically slow at all. I distinctly remember the first time we came over and you were playing that little miss sunshine band and I was like, woah, I'm way out of my league :)