04 October 2011

My Mom. Is Amazing!

Someone posted this image to Facebook today. It instantly reminded me of my mom. She loved Rick Astley when I was younger. She had his CD (when CDs were brand new). My dad served on the school board, and whenever he had a meeting, Mom would break out Mr. Astley and we would DANCE! I have such fond memories of those dance parties.

My mom has created so many memories for her kids. It wasn't until I became a mom that I realized how much she did for us. I strive to be more like my mom every day.

My mom made all of our Halloween costumes, she made our birthday cakes from scratch, she made us homemade breakfast nearly every morning, she tucked us in at night, she read to us, she attended nearly every school event (and with five kids, that's no small feat). She is truly one of the most thoughtful and amazing women I have ever met.

Benny is spending the week at my parents' house. He is very close with both my parents, but he is particularly close with my mom. In fact, if my mom is around, he really wants nothing to do with me. It makes my heart swell with love to see their relationship bloom. She is just as good as a grandma as she was a mom.

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