16 January 2012

Bad Hair Day

Nate braved a trip to Iowa with Lila last weekend. I was scared for him. One shouldn't fly with children between the ages of about 11 months to about 2 1/2. But, since Lila is still free and since Nate was traveling to Iowa to see Nana Lila, we thought it was a good idea.

Apparently, Lila traveled like a champ. There was no screaming or squirming in the airplane, she slept on her regular schedule, she ate like she used to eat (which is to say that she ate well). I'm proud of both of them!

But, I had to post these pictures. I did pack for Lila because I was a little afraid of Nate dressing her like a hobo. (Case in point: He used to get Benny ready in the morning to take him to daycare. One day I picked Benny up and the ladies at daycare were laughing because Nate had put one of his camping belts on Benny so that Benny's pants would stay up. He had to wrap it around his waste three times! And Benny wasn't potty trained yet.) However, I knew Lila's hair would be dicey. I put it in pigtails before they left and just hoped that Nate would let her sleep in the pigtails. No such luck. I'm sorry for these pictures Lila!

I also had the pleasure of spending the entire weekend with Benny. Although I missed Lila terribly, it was a treat to hang with Benny alone. He's such a funny little guy!

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