05 December 2011

Giving: Social Media Blitz

Thanks for visiting Green Means Go(od) this week! This month I'm veering off the sustainability track. Since I focused on Giving Up last month, this month I'll be focusing on Giving (you know, the spirit of the season and all). Mostly I'll focus on giving sustainable gifts and doing sustainable things for the holidays. However, today is a special subject - very close to my heart.

Alright, I'm breaking the "no blogging about work" rule just briefly. As some of you may know, I work at Mental Health America of Colorado. I write the grants, but I end up doing a lot of other things as well. I work with a great team of three other women. This fall, one of my team members suggested that we do a social media blitz to secure some end-of-year donations.

The four of us came up with a plan and we're launching it TOMORROW! It's a 48-hour campaign on Facebook and Twitter. We've secured a $500 match and have aligned the campaign with Colorado Gives Day, so donations could possibly be doubled. PLUS, we've scheduled four giveaways.

Here's what I'm asking you to do, friends...

Check out MHAC's Facebook page. We'll be updating it regularly with our progress and with information about giveaways. Please consider donating to this good cause. Mental health is one of the hardest issues to raise money for, but it is so important. Everyone I know has been impacted by mental health - good or bad. And prevention is the key to good mental health.

Please consider joining us in this campaign - even if it just means that you "like" MHAC on Facebook. Thanks for your support! Check out the Facebook page tomorrow and Wednesday for some great giveaways!

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