12 April 2008

Oh, the Challenges

Guess where I am right now, at this very moment. A coffee shop. Yay! Time to work on the proposal. Gonna get the revisions knocked out this weekend. But, before I start... A little venting.

Ever wonder what the most challenging part of being a mother would be? I guess I didn’t. I figured the whole job would be challenging. Benny can be a handful sometimes—either he wakes up in a bad mood or is frustrated because I’ve taken a toy away from him or wants to be fed NOW! And, yes, he is a little messy. But he’s a baby and I can handle it.

No, it’s not Benny who is the most challenging part of being a mother. It’s my husband, Nate. I believe marriage is a partnership and I believe that, as partners, we must both have responsibilities and must be considerate of each other, within reason. IN THEORY Nate believes this too. In practice, however, it’s a different story.

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