15 January 2012

Struckman Consulting

Things are a-changing at a rapid pace around here. I feel like I'm finally taking advantage of opportunities for my career, while acknowledging the importance of spending time with my family. As I wrote a few weeks back, I'm teaching in an adjunct position at the University of Denver. My class is going well. It's a lot of work - and responsibility. But I'm thoroughly enjoying being part of the university community again.

I have also been working on becoming an independent consultant for a few months. That included establishing an limited liability corporation and researching other aspects of owning a "business." I put that in quotes because it's really not so much of a business yet. I am happy to report that I have secured my first contract.

That means that I put in my resignation at Mental Health America of Colorado. I have one week to go. I also started working on a contract basis at a great organization. Right now I'm on a short-term contract with the option to extend the contract. I'm also networking with people who may be contacts in the future. This is all so new to me that I'm learning as I go.

What's great about my new arrangement is that I have the kids in daycare three days a week, which allows for a significant savings. I'm working and teaching on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The kids and I are home together on Monday and Friday. I'm still figuring out how to get everything done in three short days, which usually means working a bunch at night and on the weekends. But, I love that I have figured out a way to spend more time with the kids while continuing to nurture my career. And the autonomy is fantastic!

Once Struckman Consulting gets a website, I'll be sure to share it! Stay tuned for details!


jessica said...


Amanda said...

Congrats!!! How exciting :)

Unknown said...

I have to give it to you - you are much more brave than I! I am still struggling on finding the right balance as a working mom, but I don't have the guts to take a leap like you are, so I must commend you! Please keep me posted!!

Sara Struckman said...

Hope! I'm still figuring it out, not quite there yet. But I do love having a reduced, flexible schedule. Love, love, love. Life doesn't seem so fast any more. We should get together soon!