30 January 2012

Time Out Comedy Show

Nate is off tonight for his first board of directors meeting for Benny's school. I'm really proud of him. He decided to become more involved and applied to be on the board. That means that I had the pleasure of bedtime for both kids. Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about putting both kids to bed. In reality, it's quite easy. That said, Nate was a little late in leaving tonight after Lila pooped all over the floor (we were giving her some air time - apparently when she says "poop" she means that she's going to poop, not that she has pooped).

Long story short, Lila was in bed by 7:15 or so and Benny was busy playing some games at Sesame Street online. I warned him several times that he was on his last game. Yet, when I shut the game off, he threw a massive tantrum. I warned him that he could get his pjs on and calm himself down or he would get a time out. He didn't stop, so I put him in time out in our room.

Benny doesn't get many time outs any more. He can mostly control his tantrums now, which is a total bonus of being four and a half. But, he started the time out with his normal time out behavior - hitting the door, screaming, you know, the usual.

And then, and then, he started saying things that totally cracked me up. I'm sure he was just trying to calm himself down, but my gosh, sometimes he says some of the most hilarious things! Such as,

"I don't want time outs. No thank you. NO THANK YOU!"

"I'm going to put Mom in time out."

"Not fair. Not fair. Not fair!"

Just imagine a crying, screaming child saying things behind a door. Hilarious!

Benny did emerge from time out, put on his pjs, read a story and went to bed. It ended up being a lovely evening.

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