01 January 2013


This year has a strange ring to it. It's almost like I can't quite believe that another year has passed, that my kids continue to get older and more amazing, that I can't count the grey hairs on my head any more because there are too many.

New Years doesn't quite mean the same thing to me like it did way back in my 20s. Then it was a time for new beginnings and new experiences. Now, it's a time to reflect on how happy I am with my life. Each year truly seems to get better and better, so I have few expectations for 2013 - aside from being mostly great.

I took a few big steps in 2012 that seem to be paying back. I'm quickly approaching my one-year anniversary as an independent nonprofit consultant and adjunct professor. My decision to change things up professionally has been an overwhelmingly positive one and I look forward to another year in these roles.

In terms of this space, the blog, I still can't quite pinpoint the number one purpose for posting regularly. I do love that it forces me to remember things about the kids and our lives together. I also love that it's a space for me to write regularly and capture some of the day-to-day things that I would surely otherwise forget. In the past year, however, it has become a bit more than that. I have "met" some amazing women through this blog and I finally understand what people are talking about when they refer to the "blog community."

With that, I'm excited (and a little nervous) for my newest experiment: Everyday on a Bike Challenge. Check the original post for more information about the challenge.

Essentially, I want to collect pictures of people (myself included) before, during or after a bike ride for every day in 2013. I started riding my bike more in 2012 and I'm kind of in love with bike commuting. Let's share that love via Instagram! (Find me @sarastruckman.) Watch for regular updates in 2013!

So, happy, happy new year! Here's hoping that life just keeps moving along an upward trajectory!


Simply Bike said...

Happy New Year to your and your beautiful family! I really love following along with your blog and feel like I know you "in real life" as they say :) So I get what you mean about the awesome blog community and making new friends. That's been the most rewarding thing for me about blogging.

And the few bloggers I had the chance to meet in person have all become wonderful new friends that feel like they've been in my life forever now.

I hope that someday we too can sit down for a beer at Cafe B together! :)

Until, happy new year and keep writing! :)


Sara Struckman said...

S., So glad you're back to blogging! Hope you had a great break and are feeling better! Here's to a new year!

(And, I'm penciling you in for Cafe B. beers whenever I make it back to Iowa.)