28 February 2013

February #everydayonabike Review

Riding in February has been quite a trip! I have experienced beautiful days (wearing shorts, no less!), snow, ice, wind and just about everything in between. About a week ago, I thought I was only going to miss two days of riding due to weather and out-of-town trips. Then one snow storm hit. And then another hit two days later. It was warm enough to ride today, but the streets are still a bit treacherous.

I broke a few rules this month. To document two of my rides, I didn't post a picture of my bike. Rather, I posted photos of the destination (a fundraiser and a Valentine's Day party). But since I rode to those events, I figured it was OK. And, with the snow on the ground, I have improvised on the days when I couldn't ride. On Monday and Wednesday Lila and I couldn't ride to school to pick Benny up, so we opted to walk instead. And it was really nice. And it's not a bad thing to walk, so I figured I'd include one photo of our walk-instead-of-ride picture.

Despite the challenges of the weather, February was a great month to ride! Here's the review:

45 photos posted // 20 photos tagged by others // 25 photos tagged by me // 7 contributors

Thanks to everyone who contributed this month! Between January and February, 97 photos have been tagged, so I'm well on my way to collecting 365 photos in two short months. 

@runbobbierun // @shaggybrownie // @cathope // @familyride 
@emfritz // @simplybike // @ashleynicoleaddison

Congratulations to @runbobbierun for winning the $10 gift card to Whole Foods. Email me your address and I'll put the gift card in the mail for you!

In the next few days, I'll be profiling a committed #everydayonabike poster. And, I'll introduce the unofficial theme and drawing for March, so stay tuned.


Simply Bike said...

I've been loving this challenge and your recaps. It's so great to see you out and riding even when the weather isn't perfect. I also love that you walked on the day that you couldn't bike (rather than just opt for the car).

You're inspiring me to get out there a lot more. We've also had this huge snow storm that left the roads covered in snow and slush, so I'm still waiting a bit longer before I can resume riding. But March is around the corner and I'm even hopeful that we might resume our Kidical Mass rides. Here's to Spring!

Bobbie said...

I look forward to seeing your photos every day and I think this is a really cool challenge. Maybe if I lived in the wonderful land of Denver where the snow melts a bit faster, I'd be a bit more motivated to get out on our bike more (or at least get out of the house). But it worked since I won! I'm emailing you now :)