13 February 2013


Every year, at around this time, I come down with something. It makes me tired and grouchy. I feel busy all of the time and under-prepared for everything. It's a classic case of overcommitter-itis. Every year I swear that I'll cut back on activities in the late winter/early spring. And every year I find myself committing to more, volunteering for more and just generally doing more. You'd think I'd learn, right? Nope - it's back again this year.

In the course of a week I find myself volunteering in Benny's classroom, attending meetings for work, going to class, helping organize a fundraiser for Benny and Lila's daycare... Plus, I only have Lila in daycare twice a week. Pile on self-imposed Valentine's tasks and I'm running on fumes this week. Meanwhile, laundry (clean and dirty) is piling up. Dinners are growing increasingly simplistic. My attention is mediocre at best.

In addition to time management skills, I fear I need to learn how to say "no" more often. Instead of volunteering to do something because I feel compelled, let someone else take on the responsibility (and not get too caught up in the details).

With that said, I'm pretty proud of a save-the-date I designed for said fundraiser. Don't know if it's the one we'll use and it's not the best example of my design skills, but I'm still pretty proud of it!

Watcha think?


Ann Wyse said...

I like it! Especially the way you connected the diagonal strokes of the k and w with the diagonal in the ampersand. Very clever!

Sara Struckman said...

Thanks, Ann! I have a very basic knowledge of design and worked for a professor who loved those kinds of details. With only 30 minutes to put this together, it stretched all of my creative muscles!