11 February 2013

Hike Dates

For the past two years and change, Nate and I have been bad about going on dates and focusing on our relationship. I'll blame it on the two-kid syndrome. We didn't always feel comfortable leaving a young baby/toddler with a sitter. Compound that with little energy and a "dating" rut, and we haven't made many romantic overtures over the past two years.

Beginning this year, we are committed to going on a date at least once a month (more if possible). In January, we took a hike date. This month, we were planning a night out and then got a last-minute offer for a sitter during the day yesterday. We grabbed that offer and we drove up to the mountains and snowshoed damn near close to the Continental Divide. It reminded me of the days pre-kid when we hiked and went out to dinner and played cards and generally spent quality time together.

On Friday we're taking advantage of a parents' night out event at Benny's daycare to celebrate Valentine's Day at one of our favorite restaurants in Denver. I'm already salivating!

1 comment:

Ann Wyse said...

That looks absolutely wonderful! I think I'll just live vicariously and imagine that was our date. ;-)