20 February 2013

New Goals, New Bike?

Let me start with a caveat: I like my bike. It's a good bike and perfect for my biking habits. I ride anywhere from 2-10 miles daily - often pulling a trailer. My Cannondale road hybrid is comfortable and fast. Nate gave me that bike for my birthday nearly five years ago and couldn't have picked out a better fit.

However, as I'm biking more and farther (specifically farther), I'm starting to wonder if a new/used, faster bike would be more suitable to my needs. I'm clueless when it comes to bikes and their strengths/weaknesses. Obviously I know that I don't want a mountain bike, but I don't necessarily need a super fast road bike either.

I can schedule most of my meetings within a five-mile radius of my house. When that works out, I'm lucky. But, there's the matter of one of my long-term clients having an office about seven (hilly) miles away. Within the next few months, I'd like to incorporate a bike ride to our monthly meetings. Additionally, although this is only relevant for the next three weeks, the University of Denver is eight miles away. I would still like to ride to class at least once, but riding to and from a night class in rush hour in the dark doesn't sound appealing. So, I'm a bit stalled until I'm assigned a new class in the fall (hopefully).

That's where you come in: For those of you who ride, what would you recommend for slightly longer commutes? I'm hoping to find something used - either at our neighborhood bike shop or on Craigslist. But recommendations are certainly welcome!


Laura Baker said...

I'm partial to Surly bikes (http://surlybikes.com/bikes/) because they're safe, durable/easy to maintain and comfortable. You can find some good used ones on Craigslist. I have always been super happy with my Pacer!

Luke Struckman said...

Cyclocross bikes are a good combination of mountain and road bikes. They are fast on city streets, can handle rough(er) terrain and are very maneuverable in tight places.


Seconding Laura's comment, Surly makes some pretty rad commuter-style cyclocross bikes as well.

Sara Struckman said...

Thanks! Looking for Surlys now!

Anonymous said...

I have a Raleigh Alysa FT2 hybrid and it is the best of both worlds. It's so zippy and fast but still upright. I'm pretty sure you can get a deal on last year's model.

Sara Struckman said...

Thanks Alex! I'll check that out too! Not sure how much I'd like the lean of a road bike. Do you commute very far on yours?

Melissa @ HerGreenLife said...

I second the cyclocross rec. It's more or less road bike posture, but durable for less than smooth roads. I swapped the stem on mine (a Kona Jake) for one that angles up for a slightly more upright posture.