05 February 2013

Bike Nut

Have you noticed that I'm a little obsessed with biking lately? And that might be an understatement. Since starting the #everydayonabike challenge, I'm typically preoccupied in the morning with how I can get on my bike at least once a day (some days I'm able to squeeze in two or three rides). Today I rode to the post office. I didn't have to ride to the post office, but I'm glad that I knocked that errand out of the way. Then Nate and the kids got home at dusk. The temps still hovered around 55 degrees (in February!), so we went for a quick 2-mile ride before dinner.

You can't see my bare legs (you're welcome),
but I'm riding in shorts.  In February.

Having an obsession with bikes has also made me take notice of  stories and other bike-friendly things, like these two articles in The Atlantic Cities:

It's nice to have validation other than my own personal smugness about this adventure. And that it can benefit my kids too, well, all the better.

More exciting news about #everydayonabike soon. Until then, don't forget to post your pictures on Instagram and tag them for a chance to win a $10 Whole Foods gift card! Show me your bike love this month.

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