03 February 2013

Supper Bowl III

We don't get too excited about football around here. Up until Thursday, I didn't even know which teams made it to the Super Bowl - although I did know that the Broncos did not qualify after a disappointing (or so I heard) playoff game. For the third year in a row, we had dinner at a great vegetarian restaurant in Denver. I love Supper Bowl Sunday because the restaurant is DEAD. We spent over an hour and a half there (a record for us) and didn't worry too much when Benny started yelling "Weiner dog!" and laughing maniacally. It's a long story. And we exited the restaurant shortly after that.

For reference, here are pictures of the kids from last year.

Benny did seem a little upset that we weren't watching the Super Bowl this year - because kids at school were talking about it. He decided to root for the 49ers because he's been to California. I'm not sure which team won and I'm guessing he'll forget about it tomorrow. His disappointment was cured by a homemade ho ho cupcake. It's rare that we get dessert at dinner, so the Supper Bowl has it's own benefits.

I'm struck by how much has changed in one short year. Benny is now a kindergartner. He can read. He's made all sorts of new friends. Lila is talking and carrying on conversations. She can skillfully drink from straws. She's making significant progress with potty training (no wet pants today!). Nate has a new job. I'm halfway through my second year of teaching. I've started working with four new clients.

I think this is a tradition worth continuing!

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