01 April 2013

March #everydayonabike Review

Nothing against March, but damn, I had a hard time riding last month! The weather was the most challenging, but so was health and travel. Regardless, I still managed to ride 23/31 days - and on many days I made more than one trip by bike, so I suppose it all evens out somehow. This year, the in like a lion, out like a lamb saying certainly holds true for the month. I rode in 15 degree weather with snow on the ground earlier in the month and last night I rode in shorts and a T-shirt in 70 degree weather.

Thanks to everyone who contributed in March. I know it wasn't easy to ride anywhere (being too cold or two hot, depending on your hemisphere), so I appreciate all of the committed riders even more! Here are the stats:

53 photos tagged // 21 tagged by me // 22 tagged by others // 10 contributors

Thanks to all of the contributors this month!

@lifewithroozle // @cathope // @emfritz // @runbobbierun // @shaggybrownie
@jaynesykora // @simplybike // @ashleynicoleaddison // @familyride // @obc_benson

And congrats to @emfritz for winning The Soup Peddler! Emily lives down the street from me and is a frequent riding partner!

Also, check out #everdayonabike in the Greater Park Hill News this month! If you're in the Denver area, you can pick up a copy at any Park Hill business.


Simply Bike said...

I always love these summary posts as the end of the month. Somehow makes it all seem so much more triumphant when you add all the days ridden and reflect on a whole month. It's sometimes easy to lose sight of the big picture when it's cold and snowy and it feels like so much time was spent indoors or inside a car. I'm really looking forward to April and many more days outside in the sunshine. It seems that even Ames got the memo that Spring is due!


Therese said...

Wow...your pictures are amazing. You make being healthy and active look so...nice. Please tell we there were SOME pictures of misery that you chose not to include...

Sara Struckman said...

S., it is nice to see the results at the end of the month. And the challenge really is making me ride more, so the tediousness of taking a picture of my bike every day is sort of worth it :). Glad you had a good Kidical Mass! So fun. Can't wait for reports throughout spring and summer.

Therese, thanks for the compliment. I think that's the power of Instagram. Also, I leave the not-so-great pictures out :). Although, I would argue that some of the pictures I post aren't so nice. Oh, and I'm not hardcore or anything, so misery doesn't usually happen - thankfully. Thanks for reading!