28 December 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different

When I first graduated with my PhD, I didn't have a lot of hope for getting a job teaching and researching at a university or college. Nate and I moved to Denver and didn't plan to move away from Denver. Anyone with a new PhD will tell you that you better be prepared to move if you want to get a job. That, or cobble together adjunct positions and other research work. I decided that getting a full-time job in a field completely unrelated to my degree was the way to go. And my PhD has served me well as a grant writer. I get to research and write and use some of my evaluation skills, which has been great.

It's been so great that I never considered doing anything different. I have gotten used to set schedules and benefits and office work. So, when I was approached about teaching a class at the University of Denver, I was a little thrown off. But it didn't take me long to seriously consider the proposition. On January 3, I will return to university as an adjunct professor in DU's Media, Film & Journalism Department. I'll be teaching a graduate seminar on Media Effects and Consequences. And I'm excited. In the spring I get to teach a course on activist media. Anyone who knows my background won't be surprised to hear that I'm really excited  about that!

I do have clarify that I will only be an adjunct and my contract is only good for two classes. I will continue grant writing part-time as well to pay the bills. I have a good feeling about this!

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Amanda said...

congrats!!!! how exciting! you will be so great in this new role and hope it all works out wonderfully for your family too :)