26 December 2011

Giving. Just Giving.

I hate to stray too far away from the green aspect of Green Means Go(od). But after partaking in the largest consumer holiday in America, I feel like I have to report out all the good stuff we did to the Earth as well as the not-so-good.

This was the first year we have hosted Christmas at our house. Nate's dad, stepmom, and brother spent most of the weekend with us. Benny and Lila loved having everyone here. I think Christmas at home was a success. Plus, now we have a whole day to recover. No traveling, no schedules, no nothing.

Having a four-year-old makes the holiday truly magical. And the adorable one-year-old doesn't hurt either. However, Lila was far more interested in playing with wrapping paper and boxes than anything she received. Benny bought into the Santa gig completely. We opened presents from family on Christmas Eve, with promises of Santa gifts in the morning. When it was time to set out the cookies, Benny wanted to set one out for each of the reindeer. We convinced him that the reindeer could share. He decided that he should put the cookies outside with a flashlight to help Santa find the house. And another tradition was born.

Benny woke up on Christmas morning and padded his way to my side of the bed. I asked him if Santa came. He ran out of my room and zipped back in in about five seconds exclaiming, "I got the BIGGEST present from Santa!" We woke everyone up and he ripped into his presents. Nate bought him a child-sized guitar as a Santa gift. I didn't think he would be interested in it, but it was the hit of the presents by far. Nate, poor guy, didn't feel well Christmas morning. Luckily he pulled through.

Benny also enjoyed his spin art toy that I bought locally. It's not as sexy as a string guitar, but he's gone through all of the blue paint included in the kit and is nearly finished with the paper squares.

Christmas Eve family picture.
Merry, merry minestrone!
Christmas Day snowman.
All tuckered out.
The Brown boys, playing Chutes and Ladders.
It was a great day of giving. Giving feasts and presents and love. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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