07 December 2011

Why I Support Mental Health...

Mental Health America of Colorado is not only my employer. Before I started working here, I participated in the MHAC-supported support group for mothers with postpartum depression. Many things contributed to my recovery, but the support group was key. It gave me somewhere to go when I was anxious. And it was incredibly comforting to know that other moms were going through the same thing.

MHAC provides free mental health services to people who could not otherwise afford services. It trains people how to advocate for better mental health services in the state. It educates people how to prevent mental health crises. Unfortunately, with mental health, you don't know how important it is until it impacts you directly.

You can win a gift card just by "liking" or commenting on Mental Health America of Colorado's Facebook page today! It's that simple! Of course, you can also donate, which would be fantastic.

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