16 August 2008

Cautiously Excited

We just saw an amazing house. An amazing house that we should not be able to afford. Granted, if we get a loan for this house, we we will barely able to afford it. But we are cautiously hopeful.

Today was not the ideal house-shopping day. It's cold and rainy. We should have been curled up on the couch watching Benny toodle around the apartment. I've been watching this house for awhile and had planned to see it about two weeks ago. It disappeared from the market, so I figured it was off for good. But, when I searched for houses yesterday it was back on. And we saw it. And it was fabulous.

It's a brick two-story home on a beautiful block with other beautiful brick homes. It has a basement and a second story - with a large bedroom complete with an exposed brick wall and a deck off the side OF THE BEDROOM! It also has a deck off the dining room that looks over a large backyard. It has an attached garage and wood floors and everything we're looking for. The kitchen isn't ideal, but certainly livable. The wood floors need to be refinished, but that can be a project for the future.

I hate to jinx this house, but it's amazing. We just put an offer in. Keep your fingers crossed and we will remain cautiously excited! Man oh man!

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