21 August 2008

The Stealth Poop

I know, I know. I said a long time ago that I would stop writing poop stories. But, as Benny's innards mature, the poop stories keep evolving. And the stealth poop really is something to behold.

When Nate prepares Benny for bed he still gives him about 10 minutes of naked time before his bath. This way his butt and bits get dried out before a long night in a diaper. Sometimes the 10 minutes passes without incident, but more often than not, Benny will leave a trail of pee or poop (or both).

Earlier this week, Benny was traipsing around the apartment while bare ass naked. I was making pizza. Nate was drawing his bath. For the entire duration of the naked period, Benny kept squatting while walking. We've noticed that he squats when he poops now. This is a huge improvement over the red-faced grunt (although that stage was a constant source of entertainment). Anyway, I was keeping an eye on Benny, but turned away for second. And in that second I noticed that he had stopped toodling and squatting and was hovering over something. That something, as you guessed, was poop. Luckily he's interested only in looking at this point.

But, here's the question: How, in less can a second, can a toddler poop on the floor without his parents noticing that he's "pushing one out." That is the mystery of the stealth poop.

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