23 August 2008

House Update

After a week of stress, excitement, more stress, more excitement, I think Nate and I have mentally prepared ourselves to buy the 1221 Bellaire house. We met with our mortgage broker yesterday and took care of all the loan information. We are pre-approved for the loan and don't anticipate any problems.

Our nerves stemmed from a quick examination of the house. We knew we liked it right away, but our tour of the house was less than thorough. It was raining - hard - last week when we saw it so we couldn't really check out the exterior condition of the house or the yard. The renters were home and packing up the house when we stopped and the whole scene was rather chaotic. Our realtor got us back into the house today to really take a good look at it. And, I think I can speak for both Nate and myself when I say that we are very comfortable buying this house. Granted, it needs some TLC, but in the short term we should get away with cosmetic improvements. On tap for pre-move-in period are refinishing the wood floors and painting. Down the line we'll have to do much more significant work.

Check out the pictures! All signs point to a NEW HOUSE for the Brown-Struckman family!

1 comment:

Katy said...

I love it! Exposed brick wall in the bedroom, ivy on the exterior. Good pick.