30 August 2008

Polka Dots

Labor Day weekend = Family weekend. Benny and I drove to Brule for one of my cousin's wedding this weekend. Nate stayed in Denver to hang with his dad and his brother. We're returning tomorrow for a reunion, of sorts.

I hate to think about how old I'm getting when one of my little cousins gets married. It was a very nice wedding. The bride, my cousin, was absolutely gorgeous. I was looking forward to watching Benny dance his little butt off, but, alas, a lack of sleep drove us home a little earlier than expected. And now I'm drinking a beer, writing on my blog, and waiting for the rest of my family to get home. I LOVE it when my entire family together. It's paradise, with a bit of chaos thrown in. Or, it's chaos with a bit of paradise thrown in. My parents moved into a bigger house and it STILL isn't big enough to contain all of us.

Tomorrow, as I wrote, we'll drive back to Denver to hang with Nate's family. Since Nate's mom passed away a year and a half ago, family gatherings are a bit subdued, but still relatively chaotic. Now it's just the three Brown boys.

HOUSE UPDATE: What you're all waiting for, eh? We're waiting to make any definitive decisions until after the inspection report. The inspection is scheduled for September 2. We'll see. We'll see.

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