18 August 2008

Full Steam Ahead

A few more house developments:

We were approved for our loan, so we're full steam ahead on this home-buying process. Nate and I are both feeling better about stuff, but I'm still a little concerned about finances. As long as I'm working by February we should be OK, but...

I should stress that I am very excited about this house. I think it's going to be fabulous. We'll have a YARD, curbside recycling, compost pile. We can paint and make improvements and not worry what our landlord will say. Because we'll be the landlord!

Check out this link to the house. The pictures aren't great, but use your imagination!


Anonymous said...

It says its been removed because it is under contract! YAY! Wish I could see the pics though! :( Good luck to y'all, we are super happy for you guys! Now we can come crash the place! :) HA!

Sara Struckman said...

We're going to go check out the house more extensively tomorrow. I'll post pics then!

You're welcome to stay with us any time!

Katy said...

Did you hear about that apartment fire right across from your house on Bellaire? I was like, holy crap, that's right where sara and nate are moving. I think it was an apartment right across that median just south of the house. We're on for Saturday, fish sounds great.