07 March 2012

45 Days

I haven't reviewed my 101 Things list in awhile. I checked it the other day and lo and behold, I've accomplished many of the items. Other items - not so much. May 1 is listed as my end date.

The most interesting thing about the list is how much my priorities have changed in about 1,001 days. I wrote the list when Benny was a baby, I was finishing my dissertation and looking for a job. Since that time, I have had another baby, found a job, quit that job, started teaching and started my own business - all in about three years. Ah-mazing.

Socially, the list was helpful in reminding me how much I like to meet new people, hang out, have a good time and generally socialize. In the past three years I have made far more than five friends (yes, that was a goal, believe it or not) and organized a ladies' book club. I have read more books than I ever though possible (25 at current count). I have not managed to run as many half-marathons as I had slated, but I did run two. That's something.

In the next few weeks I'll provide a more detailed analysis of my progress and create a new 101 Things list. Stay tuned!

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