21 March 2012

Lila Le Lou: 18 Months

Lila is technically 17 months, six days old. But I know that I'll forget to post something when she actually turns 18 months. She is such a complex, amazing little girl. She loves to dance, play with blocks, take baths with her big brother, and be outside. Mostly she just loves to be outside. Oh, and she likes to wear her winter boots - all the time! Lila, we can't wait to see you develop more, but we also want you to stay right where you are!

Day 2 - Already telling us what she thinks.
Month 1 - She literally slept ALL the time.
Month 2 - Some of the first smiles on camera.
Month 6 - First solid foods.
Month 7 - A food pro.
Month 8 - Loving a tractor ride in Iowa.
Year 1 - Using utensils.
Year 1 - First "real" Halloween (Frog).
Year 1 - Adorable girl in the park.
2nd Christmas - Kissing her stuffed animals.
Lila Month 18ish - Pretty girl.

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