04 March 2012

The History of White Bread

I had hoped to start this month's Green Means Go(od) with my journey in bread making. Sadly, I haven't thought beyond making my own bread to actually making it happen. It's certainly something I'm going to do, but it may be a few weeks before I get there. So, until that time, here's a fantastic history of white bread - a kind of "how we got here" in terms of highly processed bread.

My own history with bread is deeply rooted in the bread-making process in this country. I don't remember anything but white bread until I was in high school when my mom started buying wheat bread. My dad still insists on eating white bread. Nate and I have shifted to multi-grain bread. It's more expensive, but I think it tastes better and it certainly has more nutrients in it. I've even started spending a few more bucks on whole wheat hot dog and hamburger buns.

I have mostly cut white flour from our house completely. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a good way to make pie crust and some other baked goods without at least half white flour.

How about you, readers... Do you still eat white bread? Do you still use white flour? Do you have any good wheat flour pie crust recipes :)?

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