20 March 2012

Welcome Spring!

Warning, this post will likely be all over the place.

I wait for this day for three months EVERY YEAR! March 20 - the first day of spring! It's not as though we've had a particularly rough winter around here. But the promise of spring is always so sweet. And somehow it never disappoints. It starts with the buds on the trees:

Peach tree blossoms are coming! Can you see the green leaves of the irises poking out of the brown ground as well? Please don't mind the mop on the table in the background. Clearly this picture was not staged.

Nate has been itching for the ground to warm up enough to start planting. He's converted every south-facing window into a little greenhouse and has started all sorts of stuff: lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, kale. Hopefully with his tending, we'll be eating fresh stuff within the next month and a half or so.

The warmer weather has allowed for some wonderful family moments outside, including Benny learning to ride his bike! And Lila discovering the wonders of the sandbox! And me running more and more!

That's not to say this first of spring is not twinged with some negatives. For example, Lila's sick. Again. I hate when she's sick because she's miserable and isn't our normal adorable carefree little lady. And when she gets sick, the whole schedule gets thrown into a tizzy. Everything is manageable if the kids are well, we are able to stay at home a few nights a week and no one travels anywhere. Throw a wrench in our plans and we struggle to get back on schedule for weeks.

But, with happy weather, blossoms, longer days and all the great stuff spring brings, I suppose we'll make due...

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