09 July 2012

Brother + Sister

Nate and I have never pushed Benny to "like" Lila. For the first eight months of her life, he ignored her as though she may some day leave. Then he experienced some belated regression behaviors when Lila was about a year. Lila, on the other hand, has loved hanging out with Benny for her whole life. She especially loves that she can boss him around and he will usually do what she tells him to do.

Lately, the two of them have been playing and interacting like two friends. It warms my heart. They're finally getting to an age that they entertain each other in the car. The other day Benny had a friend over to play. The three of them were in the kids' room and laughing like crazy. When I checked on them, Lila was standing on top of her changing table and they were throwing clothes at each other.

More often than not, they are good buddies, conspiring to do something they're not supposed to do!

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