01 July 2012

Time Off

My legs are finally feeling back to normal a week after the half-marathon. I've been taking it easy over the past week - only running a couple of days and biking or walking to keep my legs moving. Working all of that lactic acid out has been a challenge.

I'm taking some time off from running over the next month to focus on other active endeavors, like biking and yoga. Then I'm hoping to pick it back up for a fall half-marathon.

Speaking of time off, Lila has decided to go on a hunger strike over the past few months. She rarely eats more than five bites at each meal. I've stopped giving her many snacks in the hopes that she'll be hungry enough for a meal when the time comes. The results of that experiment have been mixed. I know that kids slow their eating way down after their first birthday, but this seems rather extreme. Lila used to consistently eat more than Benny at meal times.

I'm trying hard not to be a short order cook. I refuse to give her only what she wants (which is typically just sweets anyway). In the long run, I think this approach is better for meal times. We have never given in to Benny's eating whims and he eats what we eat for every meal - no arguments. But I do want to make sure that Lila is getting everything her growing body needs.

Has anyone else in bloggerland witnessed such a drastic change in eating habits in your kids? If so, what did you do during the phase of no eating?


Debbie said...

I have no advice for you about Lila's eating but we are in the same boat with Emily. She usually eats a good breakfast but will refuse to eat anything but bread products and fruit any other time. She routinely goes to bed eating no dinner at all. If you get any good advice let me know!

Sara Struckman said...

Gosh, wish I had some! Not to jinx myself, but Lila has been eating better the past few days. I'm guessing it's just a phase - teething, not growing as much, etc. However, I would recommend not giving in on the short-order cook gig. It's hard in the short term, but much better in the long term. Good luck!