23 July 2012

One Whole Hand!

Yesterday began the week-long celebration of Benny's 5th birthday. His actual birthday is on Wednesday, but we celebrated on Saturday with a party at the Denver Firefighters Museum. This was the first year we held a "destination" party - mostly because it's been so hot in Denver. We couldn't host anything at our house because we'd sweat guests out. The park where we've hosted parties in the past was out as well because of the heat.

Benny has grown into such an amazing, inquisitive, funny little guy. His giggle can lift my spirits in an instant and his never-ending questions never cease to amaze me. He wants to know how thunder and lightning are made, how computers work, why rainbows have color, how rain falls from the sky... His questions are beginning to stump me and I find myself consulting the computer for appropriate answers more and more.

Benny's birthday presents reflect his maturing interest in all things construction and mechanically related. Real tools, LEGOS, books, rockets. But he is still a little more in so many respects. He wanted a dragonfly cake (and Nana delivered!). He dressed up as a fire chief and played the role appropriately. His friends made his birthday very special by driving a fire truck, singing happy birthday and generally having fun. His grandparents made his birthday memorable by showering him with love (and lots of presents).

Happy 5th birthday, Benny!

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