23 July 2012


Now that Benny is nearly 5, I've been trying to remember some of the cute Benny-isms that I'll forgot if I don't write them down.

  • Benny pronounced "dinosaur" as "disonaur" for the longest time.
  • When Benny first started watching movies, he would insist on watching to the until the bitter end, past the credits to the final studio shot. He called it "the over" because we would insist that the movie was over when the credits started.
  • From the months of 18 to about 28, Benny asked to read the Lorax every single night. Nate and I had the entire book memorized. When we watched the movie earlier this year, Benny also had it memorized.
  • Benny loved my made up songs at bedtime. In my arsenal: a personalized version of Raspberry Beret by Prince, Cinco de Mayo (it's the fifth of May, oh Cinco de Mayo, we love to laugh and play - that was the whole song), Shut the Door: It's Time to Go to Sleep. I was very influenced by my surroundings, obviously. Benny requested all of these songs by name. He still does sometimes.
  • When we were potty training Benny, we sat through several diaper-free weekends. Benny was so stubborn during these weekends that sometimes he would hold it for 8+ hours. One particularly trying day, he waited until I was out of sight, ran to his room and peed on the rug. 
  • More recently, when it's time for Lila to go to bed, I ask her if she wants to give Benny a hug and a kiss. Benny stops what he's doing and gives her a hug. When she tries to give him a smacker on the mouth, he leans down and kisses her forehead. It's the sweetest gesture.
There are so many more that I'm forgetting. But for now, this will have to do.

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