17 July 2012

Got Basil?

Check out the size of these basil plants!

Two enormous bushes, plus three or four smaller plants. Never in my life have I produced so much of the herb. What to do with all of it? Why, eat and drink it, of course.

My first attempt at homemade pesto went OK. Pine nuts are uber expensive, so I opted for walnuts. Not too shabby tossed with some fettuccine. However, I'd love a better pesto recipe. Anyone have a good, easy method?

As for the libations: Gin Basil Smashers. I've attempted to perfect these since the basil plants were small. I think I finally found the right concoction:

Gin Basil Smashers

This recipe makes two small martini-sized drinks.

1 hearty handful of basil
1 lemon, cut in half

Muddle the basil and the lemon in a shaker. And when I say muddle, make them one with the shaker! Then muddle some more. I usually put one lemon half in with half the basil to start the muddling process. After the first half is sufficiently muddled, add the second half.

2 oz. simple syrup

Muddle away again and top with ice cubes.

4 oz. gin (this drink is gin heavy, so the better quality the gin, the better the drink will taste)

Pour on top of the ice. Shake until you can't hold the shaker any more.

Serve over ice. Delish!

Apparently this was the drink of the summer in 2008.

Oh, and check out the jungle of a garden we have going on right now!

What's that you see? Broccoli, pumpkin, basil, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, bolted lettuce, carrots, beets, lavender, oregano, cabbage, peas, beans, cucumbers and much more!


Melissa @ HerGreenLife said...

Our pesto recipe is pretty simple. 2 packed cups basil leaves, 2/3 c. olive oil, 1/3 c. walnuts (toast first for extra flavor), 1-2 cloves garlic, 1/4 t. salt. We make it in the blender, and cheese is optional.

Sara Struckman said...

Thanks! I'll make it and let you know how it goes!