17 July 2012

Lessons from the Road

Just completed my longest bike commute yet: 5 miles on the nose! As I'm still getting used to this bike commuting thing, I've instituted a 5-mile bubble. I will ride, without question (or without much question) up to 5 miles to a meeting. Until I'm in better bike riding shape, I think 5 miles is my max. It did take me 30 minutes each way.

I'm also learning some lessons:
  1. I'm not as familiar with this city as I thought I was. Although my meeting today was only 5 miles away, I had NEVER spent any significant amount of time in this area, just south of downtown.
  2. When in doubt, ALWAYS trust Google Maps. On the way to the restaurant, I thought I'd try to cut through some neighborhoods. Not a good idea. I ended up riding on some sidewalks due to inopportune one ways. Also, it turns out that having a bike lane is really helpful.
  3. Wear a helmet. I wore one today and was able to shrug off my fear of a head injury.
And that's just a sampling of the many lessons I learned today. Overall, a very pleasant commute for a very pleasant lunch with these fine ladies!

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