05 August 2012

Brule Day 2012

Another year, another successful Brule Day. This year seemed a little more surreal than in years past. I can remember loving Brule Day as a kid, but Brule Day meant one thing: School would be starting soon. Now it will probably mean the same thing for Benny. It marks the tail end of summer and the inevitable promise of shorter days. Not that I don't love fall, but the lore of Brule Day was certainly more meaningful this year as Benny prepares to start school.

Brule Day was extra special this year because my oldest friend, Caley, was in town with her family. Caley and I were pregnant with our little girls at the same time and Zoey and Lila re only two weeks apart. Although they played like toddlers will (tears about toys, a few hits here and there), they seemed to like each other. If only we lived closer to each other.

My best friends from high school, Niki and Anna, were also in town. Anna and I ran the Brule Day 5K together for the third time in three years. The four of us congregated on Brule Day eve for a small reunion. It was wonderful to catch up and hear about each other's lives (with children).

And now we have more candy than we know what to do with! The kids are becoming expert parade watchers and candy gatherers!

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