24 August 2012

An End of Summer First

Benny, Lila and I took our final summer trip to the library this morning. We've enjoyed a nice routine of heading to the library on our bikes after we get home from grocery shopping on Fridays. It never occurred to me to get Benny his very own library card until I saw this picture. And I'm not sure why: I can still remember the thrill and the awesome sense of responsibility of getting my very own library card.

Lila and I will miss Benny on Fridays when he starts school next week.

For the record, Benny picked the pink card out of choices of blue, green and pink. Makes me proud :).

And, somewhat related, Benny picked out a book called Chocolate Me, a story about a black little boy who is trying to understand why his friends make comments about his skin and hair. Benny just came out of the bathroom and said he was going to call himself Vanilla Me because people come in all different flavors. I never know what's going to sink into that little brain and take hold.

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