31 August 2012

Whirl. Wind.

As August is winding down and September is quickly approaching, I'm struck with what has happened over the past two weeks. Lots of emotional ups and downs. Up until mid-August, it was shaping up to be the best month of 2012 with great weather, great friends, great celebrations. And we were counting down the days until Benny started kindergarten.

Then, in mid-August, I was alerted that one of my clients would be reducing my hours by more than half because of the budget. I freaked out a little about income and what this means to my business, especially since I haven't been able to line up any new clients. At least two sleepless nights ensued.

Then came news of my uncle's passing and the bittersweet trip to Brule to say goodbye and see my family. Shortly after returning to Denver, I received word that a former co-worker had entered hospice care. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in March. I visited her last Wednesday and she passed away on Friday.

Then came the news that one of my favorite former graduate students was in a biking accident. She is currently in the ICU with a brain injury. She was the student that every professor lives to have once in his/her career. She was passionate and smart and motivated. She had new and interesting ideas. She is currently in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery, but her life is forever altered and rehabilitation will not be easy for her.

After all of that, Benny started kindergarten. The first positive, yet emotional event of the past two weeks. I wasn't able to sleep for two nights in anticipation of the first day. This week has been tiring on all of us. A new schedule with strict wake up calls is never easy to adjust to!

And then last yesterday I received news that my nephew was on his way, but my brother was in the woods for one more day. A full day of text messages and phone calls from my mom and sister-in-law's sister ensued. Luke and Aman welcomed Jas Paul Mangat Struckman last night at about 11:30 p.m. After receiving the news, I was so excited I wasn't able to sleep again.

Yesterday I also found out that I've been hired to teach another class in the winter at the University of Denver, which makes me very happy.

So, I feel like I've been through a whirlwind of emotions over the past few weeks - so many happy and sad moments. As a result, I'm more than ready to bid August adieu and welcome September with open arms.

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